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We are ‘Robert-Schumann-Schule’, a secondary school in Leipzig, Germany. More than 600 students attend the school which was originally founded in 1905. Since then a lot has changed but we still value music and arts.

That’s why we are able to provide an intense musical and artistic education:

Thanks to the cooperation with the music school ‘Johann Sebastian Bach’ students in years 5 and 6 are able to learn a stringed instrument such as the violin or the cello. Additionally lessons in learning the guitar or the piano are offered. Singers have the opportunity to join one of our two choirs, depending on their age group.

Moreover we are one of the few schools in Saxony to let students take an advanced art class in year 11 and 12. For anyone who prefers languages and sciences its also possible to take an advanced German, Mathematics, History, English, Biology, Chemistry or Physics class.

Before entering secondary 2 (years 11 to 12) there are still a number of electives to choose from in secondary 1 (years 5 to 10). In addition to English as mandatory first foreign language pupils learn French or Latin.

Furthermore in year 8 you get to take a special combination of subjects suiting your interests like drama and arts, sciences as well as history and society.

Since cultural exchange is important in our globalized world, student exchanges play a big role at RSG. There were several Comenius - projects in the past and today we are participating in an Erasmus+ project with partners from Lithuania, Italy and the Czech Republic. An exchange with a Dutch school in Utrecht is in the pipeline.

Of course education isn’t the only thing that is valued here. Sporty extracurriculars like handball, table tennis, volleyball and floorball resulting in numerous awards and prizes are a big part of after school life.

A close bond between our students is achieved by partnerships between younger and older classes.

If you liked what you just read: Good news for you! You can come and see for yourself on our annual open school day, Christmas and spring concerts, arts exhibitions and summer festival. There you can get talking with students and teachers to find out even more about everyday life at RSG.

translated by Lea, Anika and Lotta (year 11)

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